We have highlighted a shortlist of papers and books for anyone interested in the philosophy and architecture of XTDB. We consider these works to be of high value and directly relevant to the current design of XTDB.


The bibliography contains papers, books, and other materials which are directly relevant to XTDB and its architecture — past, present, and very-near-future.

Columnar Stores

Columnar Stores: MonetDB / VectorWise

Columnar Stores: SingleStore

Storage vs. Compute



Query Planner

Graph Representation and Traversal

Data Structures

Data Structures: Trees

Data Structures: Raytracing

Data Structures: Closest Point

Data Structures: Temporal

Data Structures: Z-Curves

Relational Algebra

Array Programming


These resources do not necessarily reflect algorithms, datastructures, or concepts which apply directly to the current XTDB architecture. These resources have been useful for the XTDB team in the past, for one reason or another. They may: reflect past XTDB architectures, have helped onboard team members, influence our overall philosophy, or simply be something we find interesting in the field.

Data Structures

Design Philosophy


JUXT Resources

Our own talks and articles are listed in reverse-chronological order. Although older resources are still relevant to the philosophy and design of XTDB, newer resources will always provide a better undersatnding of implementation details.

Talks and Articles

Prior Art